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Marshall Davis Brown Jr: According To Marshall Davis Brown TX Divorce Should Follow These Steps

Monday, October 7, 2013

According To Marshall Davis Brown TX Divorce Should Follow These Steps

Divorce is rarely a pleasant prospect, regardless of the state a person lives in. No one knows that better than family law professionals. But, as it is seen by attorney Marshall Davis Brown TX divorce can be made as smooth as possible by following the steps listed below:

1. File a petition to divorce.

This may seem obvious, but as witnessed by family law attorneys like Marshall Davis Brown TX couples often put off this step for unreasonably long periods. This creates more opportunity for arguments and bad blood between a husband and wife. This is a painful but vital first step to getting a divorce in The Lone Star State.

2. Wait 60 days.

It may seem like the longest two months in their lives, but all the couple dissolving their marriage need to do now is run out the clock. It may be wise to use this time to consult one's lawyer about child custody and support issues, property division and spousal support. This way, everything will be out in the open and understood between the divorcing parties.

3. Engage In Legal Proceedings.

Once the 60 days have passed, the person who filed is officially the Petitioner and the other is the Respondent. At this point, attorneys for each party -- or the parties themselves, if they are not retaining lawyers -- can work on further legal proceedings. These can include negotiation, discovery, filing motions and being present at hearings. All or none of these may be necessary, depending on the desires of the divorcing couple.

4. Listen To The Judge.

If necessary, a judge will then rule on the petitions and claims put forth. There may be some back and forth on contentious issues, but that is what lawyers are paid to do.

Marshall Davis Brown TX divorces aren't pleasant, but they are often helpful. Husbands and wives in a marriage that is no longer working may be able to use the process to achieve closure on the past and start anew in the future.


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