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Marshall Davis Brown Jr: Hiring a Lawyer to Enforce Alimony Agreements

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hiring a Lawyer to Enforce Alimony Agreements

Especially in situations where children are not involved, alimony agreements are often the biggest concern for both parties during a divorce. No one wants to walk away from the marriage feeling as though they are getting robbed, and no one wants to have to worry that their former spouse will not hold up their end of the agreement. If your former spouse is not adhering to the stipulations agreed upon in court, don't feel as though you have to suffer. Marshall Davis Brown Jr is a Texas lawyer who is seasoned in fairly enforcing divorcees to pay their alimony.

There are a few things that enforcing alimony arrangements might entail. It's usually not enough to call or e-mail your former spouse to inform them that they haven't been holding up their end of the bargain; when the law has to get involved, it most certainly gets more serious. When you hire a lawyer, the two of you will decide whether you want to get a wage assignment order, which usually means that a part of the debtor's paycheck will be attributed to paying the alimony. There's also the option of getting a writ of execution, which is a court order for a sheriff to enforce the alimony agreement. The defendant could file a motion to determine arrearages, in which he or she asks the attorney to file a motion in court for them to determine the exact amount of owed alimony based on a number of factors. The offender will then be informed. The last resort is usually to have the offender found in contempt of court.

It's important to make sure that you're getting your due alimony after a divorce instead of just letting the situation go. It's easier to clean up the legal mess as it's happening rather than allowing the issues to pile up and worsen.


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