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Marshall Davis Brown Jr: Attorney Marshall Davis Brown Jr. On Becoming A Lawyer In

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Attorney Marshall Davis Brown Jr. On Becoming A Lawyer In

Becoming a lawyer in The Lone Star State isn't very different from reaching this occupational milestone in other states. Even so, each state has its own idiosyncrasies. Texas attorney Marshall Davis Brown Jr has pointed out the best path for prospective lawyers to follow in order to go from an undergraduate in college to a practicing professional in the state.

Study Pre-Law as an Undergraduate

Majoring in Pre-Law can give students a leg up on their competition for top law school spots, but it isn't absolutely required in order to attend law school. What is required, however, is that one's undergraduate institution be accredited by the American Bar Association.

Take the Texas LSAT

A Pre-Law background should prepare a student to take the Texas Law School Admission Test. If an aspiring lawyer hasn't majored in Pre-Law, then study guides and practice tests should be consulted. Either way, the LSAT is required in order to attend an ABA-accredited law school.

Graduate from Law School

There are many fine law schools in Texas beyond the famous one or two a student may already know. For example, Marshall Davis Brown Jr matriculated at the South Texas School of Law. Taking studies very seriously and graduating near the top of one's class is a very important step in launching a career as an attorney.

Take the Texas Bar Exam

Passing a state bar exam, in Texas or any other state in which one wishes to practice, is essential to becoming a lawyer. Not everyone passes it the first time they take it, but eventually, pass it they must. Study like never before to impress potential employers with your mastery of Texas law.

Get Specialized

Once a prospective legal professional passes the state bar, he or she is officially a lawyer. At this point, more training might be valuable in order to settle on a specialty for practice.
Marshall Davis Brown Jr followed his interest in family law. But, no matter which path a new lawyer takes, becoming an expert in that part of the law will be of career-long value.


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