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Marshall Davis Brown Jr: September 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Creating a Custody Agreement in the State of Texas

 Over the past few years, the state legislature of Texas has made hundreds of changes to the Texas Family Code. That's all the evidence you need to understand that divorce and child custody are not matters that the Texas government overlooks or neglects. The majority of the changes made to the Code pertain to parent-child relationship laws such as child support, custody, and visitation, so if you're trying to create your own custody agreement, there are some things you should know.

Every state does things differently, but in Texas, a collaborative approach is taken when it comes to reaching a family agreement. It's designed to encourage families to work together to reach an agreement rather than have one administered by the law. Should there be any disputes on a proposed agreement, they must file it legally and both parties are required to sign a certification to acknowledge it has been seen. They will then work alongside the court to resolve these disputes.

Like many states, Texas favors joint or shared custody over any other type of agreement. It's thought to be the best approach unless one parent can prove otherwise; this often means that one of the parents is unfit to provide a good home for the child or children. In a joint parenting agreement, a patterned schedule is agreed upon so that each parent gets equal time with the child or children. The goal is to ensure both parents have equal influence on the child's future.

The only way to win full custody in the state of Texas is to have ample evidence that the joint custody arrangement is not in the child's best interest. Whether it be because of past violent behavior, potential for domestic abuse, drug abuse by the other spouse, or any other reason, your argument must be proven.

If you need assistance with your Texas child custody agreement, call Marshall Davis Brown – he's got experience in the field and is out to get children the justice they deserve.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Marshall Davis Brown is the Texas Family Lawyer to Trust

Each state has its own laws and regulations concerning family law, and in the ever-evolving legal Texas legal system, it's important to find an attorney who understands the intricacies of family law. From statutes of limitation on filings to the complex paperwork involved, domestic law requires intimate knowledge of the legal process. With years of experience working on divorces, child custody battles and other domestic issues, Marshall Davis Brown is a veteran attorney who understands the ins and outs of the Texas courts.

Family law presents many different challenges as each situation depends entirely on the clients and circumstances involved. Parents may fight for years over the specific custody schedule for their children while trying to balance their own lives in the process. Initial hearings, trial briefs and appeals to the higher courts are all possibilities in this difficult legal area. It's a trying situation for everyone involved, and it can take a huge toll emotionally, mentally and financially. There is no easy way when it comes to domestic battles, but there can be a better way.

Contrary to popular belief, divorce can take many years if not handled correctly. Child custody disputes may last as long and cost tens of thousands of dollars. With a competent attorney, the time and fees required may be reduced significantly. An experienced professional understands the law and knows which route to take to maximize efficiency. While there's never a guarantee, having an attorney like Marshall Davis Brown will ensure that the parties involved get appropriate and accurate representation no matter the domestic situation.

The rules of the court change constantly in Texas, and handling a domestic law case without an excellent attorney can result in drastically high court fees, lengthy hearings and dissatisfying judgments. With so much at stake, it's crucial to consult an attorney like Marshall Davis Brown who not only understands the law but works hard to defend people's rights. Facing a domestic law case can be overwhelming, but an experienced attorney will be able to navigate the difficult waters of Texas family law.

Don’t Fall into Complex Family Law Traps

Anyone who has gone through a divorce knows the mental and emotional toll that it takes on everyone involved. There are so many pitfalls and dangers associated with divorce proceedings that it can be difficult to avoid them all. Spouses are often left vulnerable to losing what is most precious of them. That is why having a skilled divorce lawyer is so important.

Marshall Davis Brown TX is an expert on complex family law. He has a reputation for being one of the toughest divorce lawyers in the Lone Star State. Marshall Davis Brown TX can walk his clients through Texas divorce laws in simple, easy to understand layman's terms. Texas has both fault and no fault divorces. Spouses who have been mistreated by their spouse and seek an advantage in a child custody battle should strongly consider filing under fault grounds. No fault divorces are useful for people who have irreconcilable differences but do not want to accuse their spouse of mistreatment. Divorcees should also keep in mind Texas's six month residency requirement for divorce filing. Texas is a community property state, meaning that financial assets are divided equally between both spouses in the event of a legal separation. Texas judges tend to emphasize joint custody agreements for children. Of course, every situation is unique, and judges have the responsibility to do their best to determine what is the best for a divorcing couple's children. There is a similar philosophy in regards to child support. Support by both parents is considered ideal, but many factors are taken into account.

If you have questions about any of these laws,
Marshall Davis Brown TX will be happy to answer them. He is one of the most respected divorce lawyers in the San Antonio area. Brown's many years of experience have helped him exceed his client's expectations.

Finding a Premier Divorce Lawyer Like Marshall Davis Brown JR

Going through a divorce is a time of stress and anxiety for most people, and finding a great attorney, like Marshall Davis Brown JR, is a top priority that speeds the transition to normal living. With years of experience in the local legal community and a commitment to clients, a professional lawyer's services are well worth the small retainer fee. Here are a few steps that make locating a reputable divorce attorney an easy task.

Contacting the Texas Bar Association
The Texas Bar Association keeps track of attorneys who practice law in the state, and the organization maintains records that relate to each individual. Checking to ensure that an attorney is fully licensed to practice law is essential, and clients can easily reach the organization through their Internet site. The bar also monitors lawyers to ensure that professionals comply with continuing education standards and keep in touch with the latest changes in divorce law.

Scheduling An Initial Consultation
During an initial consultation with their divorce attorney, prospective clients have a chance to meet their lawyer and discuss the particular issues in their case. Some legal professionals, like Marshall Davis Brown JR, are more than willing to schedule convenient consultations and may even visit their clients at home or their workplace. Clients should be sure to ask their attorney about their experience in the field of divorce law and be assured that they are totally comfortable with their choice before signing a retainer.

Discussing Retainer Fees and Expenses
Coming to an arrangement about payments is another issue that should be settled before finalizing the decision to retain a particular divorce lawyer. Getting a set price in the beginning requires a retainer and contract that makes proceedings easier and ensures clients receive the legal attention that they paid for.

While divorces may be a troubling time, experienced attorneys, such as Marshall Davis Brown JR, make their clients' lives easier by handling all of the pleadings and documents. Finding a great divorce attorney often hinges on the search that a client does, and proactive clients ensure their own satisfaction by completing their leg work before signing an agreement.

Marshall Davis Brown JR - A Divorce Attorney You Can Depend On

Divorce is an extremely difficult and stressful process for anyone. A person who has the misfortune of being involved in a divorce will have to make many difficult decisions. Unfortunately, many people make serious errors during divorce proceedings, leading to a significant negative impact on their chances of getting child custody, visitation rights, financial assets and other important factors.

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce proceedings is a hearing cross examination by one's spouse's attorney. Divorce attorneys will do everything they possibly can to cast their client's spouse in a negative light. Anyone who is preparing for a divorce hearing cross examination should expect several things. The opposing attorney will ask leading questions that are designed to trip the person they are examining up and make them look foolish. Divorcees should also expect the opposing attorney to try to take advantage of any perceived weaknesses that they possess. If they have behaved poorly in the past, especially in regards to their children, the divorce attorney can be expected to make this a major emphasis during the hearing. An opposing attorney will also try to emphasize any positive statements that their client's spouse has made about their client, even if they were taken out of context.

People going through a divorce desperately need an attorney that they can trust. A good divorce attorney will properly prepare them for the cross examination, and will object to any questions that he or she deems unfair. Residents of the San Antonio area should strongly consider selecting Marshall Davis Brown Jr. He is a longtime resident of the lone star state who is very familiar with state divorce laws.
Marshall Davis Brown Jr. has many years of experience in his field, and has helped his many clients get what they deserve. Marshall Davis Brown Jr. stands up for his client's rights.

Marshall Davis Brown: the Divorce Lawyer You Need

A divorce court hearing is the most crucial aspect of any divorce. The division of financial assets, child support payments, custody rulings and many other factors can hinge on the outcome of the hearing. There are several things that divorcees must keep in mind before going to a court hearing.

They should arrive early and dress appropriately. Casual attire is not appropriate for a court setting, and will reflect poorly on them. It is often beneficial to visit the court site before the date of the hearing so that they can familiarize themselves with their surroundings. It is also useful to observe a hearing. That way, divorcees will know what to expect. They will already be familiar with the judge's personality and style. They may also get a sense of court proceedings and regulations.

Once the hearing has begun, divorcees must always treat the judge with the utmost respect. They should never interrupt or act rudely toward him or her. They should also act cordially toward their spouse, and should avoid appearing upset, aggravated, or impatient. A good judge will give both sides an equal amount of time to speak, and will also let them respond to any accusations that have been levied against them. Following these steps with enhance a divorcee's chances of receiving a positive ruling from their judge.

Anyone who is preparing for a divorce court hearing will need a great lawyer by their side. Marshall Davis Brown TX is a top choice for anyone who resides in the greater San Antonio region. He will make sure that their client is treated fairly and with respect. Marshall Davis Brown TX is very familiar with the complex family law of the Lone Star State. He fights for his clients from the beginning of a case to the end. Divorcees who hire him are making a wise and prudent choice.

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