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Marshall Davis Brown Jr: October 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Talking to Kids about Divorce

Divorce is easy on no one involved, unfortunately, but it's particularly devastating for children to cope with. A lawyer like Marshall Davis Brown can help to sort out the issue of child custody, visitation, and child support, but only the parents can manage the emotional aspect. It's a subject that has to be approached delicately, and there are a few things you can do to make the process as easy to cope with as possible.

Make a Game Plan
Don't let your kids find out the hard way. Think of what you're going to say to them, and keep any information about it private until you talk to them. If possible, sit down with your spouse to decide who is going to say what and give them as much information as they need.

Schedule a Family Conversation
If at all possible, don't have one person break the news. Have everyone sit down together so that the children know neither parent will be out of their lives. Show them that you are still able to communicate, and don't let any bad blood show through in the conversation. Show that you and your spouse still support each other's decisions; it will make the new living situation easier to adapt to.

Be Honest
Let your kids ask any questions they might have, and be honest with them in an age-appropriate manner. Don't make any promises you can't keep in order to appease them – it will only make the situation more shocking for a prolonged period of time. However, while maintaining the mantra that honesty is the best policy, remember to tell the kids why things aren't working out – don't show them. Remain as calm as possible and don't talk down about your spouse; be as objective as possible.

The whole thing will be difficult for kids to absorb, but the more information they have – and less emotional persuasion – the easier it will be for them to understand. Try to maintain as stable a lifestyle as possible for them and make the change seem as minimal as possible.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Attorney Marshall Davis Brown Jr. On Becoming A Lawyer In

Becoming a lawyer in The Lone Star State isn't very different from reaching this occupational milestone in other states. Even so, each state has its own idiosyncrasies. Texas attorney Marshall Davis Brown Jr has pointed out the best path for prospective lawyers to follow in order to go from an undergraduate in college to a practicing professional in the state.

Study Pre-Law as an Undergraduate

Majoring in Pre-Law can give students a leg up on their competition for top law school spots, but it isn't absolutely required in order to attend law school. What is required, however, is that one's undergraduate institution be accredited by the American Bar Association.

Take the Texas LSAT

A Pre-Law background should prepare a student to take the Texas Law School Admission Test. If an aspiring lawyer hasn't majored in Pre-Law, then study guides and practice tests should be consulted. Either way, the LSAT is required in order to attend an ABA-accredited law school.

Graduate from Law School

There are many fine law schools in Texas beyond the famous one or two a student may already know. For example, Marshall Davis Brown Jr matriculated at the South Texas School of Law. Taking studies very seriously and graduating near the top of one's class is a very important step in launching a career as an attorney.

Take the Texas Bar Exam

Passing a state bar exam, in Texas or any other state in which one wishes to practice, is essential to becoming a lawyer. Not everyone passes it the first time they take it, but eventually, pass it they must. Study like never before to impress potential employers with your mastery of Texas law.

Get Specialized

Once a prospective legal professional passes the state bar, he or she is officially a lawyer. At this point, more training might be valuable in order to settle on a specialty for practice.
Marshall Davis Brown Jr followed his interest in family law. But, no matter which path a new lawyer takes, becoming an expert in that part of the law will be of career-long value.

Monday, October 7, 2013

According To Marshall Davis Brown TX Divorce Should Follow These Steps

Divorce is rarely a pleasant prospect, regardless of the state a person lives in. No one knows that better than family law professionals. But, as it is seen by attorney Marshall Davis Brown TX divorce can be made as smooth as possible by following the steps listed below:

1. File a petition to divorce.

This may seem obvious, but as witnessed by family law attorneys like Marshall Davis Brown TX couples often put off this step for unreasonably long periods. This creates more opportunity for arguments and bad blood between a husband and wife. This is a painful but vital first step to getting a divorce in The Lone Star State.

2. Wait 60 days.

It may seem like the longest two months in their lives, but all the couple dissolving their marriage need to do now is run out the clock. It may be wise to use this time to consult one's lawyer about child custody and support issues, property division and spousal support. This way, everything will be out in the open and understood between the divorcing parties.

3. Engage In Legal Proceedings.

Once the 60 days have passed, the person who filed is officially the Petitioner and the other is the Respondent. At this point, attorneys for each party -- or the parties themselves, if they are not retaining lawyers -- can work on further legal proceedings. These can include negotiation, discovery, filing motions and being present at hearings. All or none of these may be necessary, depending on the desires of the divorcing couple.

4. Listen To The Judge.

If necessary, a judge will then rule on the petitions and claims put forth. There may be some back and forth on contentious issues, but that is what lawyers are paid to do.

Marshall Davis Brown TX divorces aren't pleasant, but they are often helpful. Husbands and wives in a marriage that is no longer working may be able to use the process to achieve closure on the past and start anew in the future.

Marshall Davis Brown JR - An Expert on Winning Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases can be incredibly emotional and stressful. Men going through this process often feel like they are at a disadvantage, especially if they are trying to win sole custody of their children. Many men feel that judges are predisposed to being favorable toward the mother because of stereotypical ideas about mothers being more devoted to their children than fathers. Ultimately, the court must decide the case based on the best interests of the child or children. Dads are burdened with having to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the better parent.

Fathers who want to win a custody case should follow several guidelines to increase their chances of success. First of all, they should avoid harsh attacks on their spouse. Vicious criticism will reflect poorly on their judgment and may cause the judge to consider them hot tempered or unstable. Dads should also emphasize their concern over their child's physical and mental health. Promoting a healthy daily routine is likely to impress the judge. Unless their spouse is abusive or neglectful, dads should also be open to the possibility of visitations by the mother, or possibly joint custody. A father who seems determined to never let his kids see their mother is unlikely to win a custody case.

Marshall Davis Brown Jr is one of the top lawyers in the Houston area. He has many years of experience helping his clients impress judges and win the custody that they deserve. He specializes in family-related legal proceedings. Texas's family laws can change quickly, so it's important to have a lawyer with expert knowledge.
Marshall Davis Brown Jr fights for his clients' rights every step of the way. He uses everything in his power to make sure that they get a positive outcome. Anyone who is preparing for a child custody case should contact him as soon as possible.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Marshall Davis Brown Shares Tips On Paternity Testing

In family law, oftentimes a lawyer needs to determine who will be listed as the father on a birth certificate, or he or she needs to establish the identity of a father for purposes of child support. This is when attorneys like Marshall Davis Brown help clients arrange a paternity test.

This test uses genetic information to find the most probable match between a possible father and a baby. It can also be used to show when an individual is very unlikely to be the father of a child prior to a birth. While attorneys often arrange paternity tests after a court order, some prospective clients may want to get a test on their own before retaining a lawyer.

The obvious first step, but one that many people fail to take, is to find a clinic or other facility that offers paternity testing. These are listed in the yellow pages, but these days, a quick local Internet search will turn up any facilities in one's area along with their contact information.

After a location to get a test done is found, Marshall Davis Brown recommends that anyone who needs to be tested be contacted and instructed on what to do. This would be the mother, the child, if he or she is of age, and all prospective fathers. The possible fathers and the child are the most important people to test, but the mother is often tested to establish her own genetic relation to the child in question.

Going to the clinic is the simplest option for many people, but tests can also be ordered online and the samples sent back by mail. No matter where the test is administered, however, paternity test results are 99 percent accurate.

Attorney Marshall Davis Brown believes that everyone involved in a paternity test should seek family counseling after the results are known. This can help soothe the emotional trauma of a father not being whom one expects or paternity being established when it was not previously desired.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Law School Grads: Tips for Getting Hired

Being a student in 2013 is more anxiety-inducing than ever, what with all the news stories surrounding the issue of crippling student loan debt and the lack of worthy employment. Law school graduates in particular are feeling the heat; it's a competitive field and there's no shortage of news coverage about the number of unemployed law grads. Becoming a young, successful lawyer is not an impossible feat, but it does require hard work – many lawyers, like Marshall Davis Brown of TX, had to go through the [sometimes tedious] motions of getting hired, and you will too. Here are some tips that can help you better your chances.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is important in any discipline, but it's imperative if you want to become an attorney. Take advantage of the fact that it's easy to network in this day and age – you've got LinkedIn and other social media profiles, blogging sites, message boards, and other technological advancements that make it easy. There is definitely some truth to the statement, "It's all about who you know." Ask your professors or mentors for advice if you don't know where to start with networking – and start sooner rather than later.

Ask for Internships

A big mistake that students make is waiting around for internships to be posted. Then, they're all competing for the position and their chances of actually getting it are reduced. E-mail some of your local law firms and ask them for an internship – it can't hurt! It's all about selling yourself. Polish up that resume and show them you'd be a great contributor to their office. As long as you remember that you're going to have to work for free or little pay for a while before breaking into the field, you'll do fine.

Be Persistent

There's nothing more frustrating when you're looking for a job than hearing that you're ambitious and qualified, but there are no openings. If a firm seems to be interested but still won't give you a job, don't let them forget about you! Keep e-mailing or returning every few weeks to show them that you're really interested and to ensure that they don't hire anyone else if a position should open up.

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